Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep!

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Clearly using Yoga to target specific health areas is a smart thing! Certainly, it is worth a try rather than sleeping pills or going to work with out adequate rest. We live a a very busy and challenging world and here is a great series of Yoga poses to help us sleep better!

Yoga Poses for Sleeping In this fast pace world, most of us at some point may experience some challenges with getting adequate rest at night. We may put ourselves to bed at a reasonable time but actually falling asleep is a whole other story. With multiple responsibilities we take on it may be hard to turn of the mind and body before our slumber. In addition to a comfortable mattress, try these tips inspired from our yoga practice to assist with a peaceful night leaving you recharged and ready to tackle the next day. These yoga poses for sleeping might be a better and healthier alternative to sleeping pills in our over medicated world. Why not give your self the self-care you deserve and give it a try?!

Viparita Karani- Legs up the wallViparita Karani- Legs up the wall

Benefits: Insomnia, varicose veins, stimulates relaxation response or the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces swelling in legs and feet.

Action: Blood flow is reversed, removing toxins and waste. Slows down heartbeat.

Foundation: Find a wall in your bedroom and take a seat about 6inches away from the wall. Bend your elbows and lower your back onto the floor as you swing your legs up onto the wall. With your legs vertical on the wall make sure to keep some distance between your pelvis and the wall. For more of a restorative version use a bolster or blankets under your torso and head. Stay here for 5-20 minutes.

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