Styles of Yoga

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The numerous styles of Yoga is an aspect that contributes to its popularity.  It is adaptive to various cultures, beliefs, practices and circumstances.  It is malleable to the needs of teachers and students alike; while maintaining a core of ideals, values, principles, and practices.

There are several styles of hatha yoga, many of these have specific characteristics which reflect a particular teacher’s approach to asanas; others reflect the characteristics or teachings of a particular organization. Like individuals, styles or schools of hatha yoga have their own personalities and approaches to practicing asanas. What distinguishes the different styles is what is emphasized, be it posture, breath, aerobics, dance, slow and rhythmic movements, philosophy or a combination of many factors. Although the basic asanas and breathing exercises remain the same, how they are done, in what order, and where attention is focused while doing them constitute the main differences among the many schools. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can find a style that will appeal to you and be most appropriate for your particular body or personality type.”

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