How Yoga Changed My Life!!

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There are so many facets of how Yoga impacts on a persons life. certainly the health benefits are center stage, yet the spiritual and personal growth aspects have had a major impact for so many people. We are eager to collect these stories (change the names if you like!) because the telling adds to the strength of the movement!  The world needs these stories to be shared; especially at these times of war and turbulence. We cannot ignore the troubles and yet what can we do?  This is a way to provide the balancing spirit!  Please read this powerful article by Karen Macklin and please add you story to the comments. We will respond.

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Has yoga changed your life? It’s pretty likely, since just about everyone who practices yoga has been touched in some way by its transformative power. Maybe you simply feel better in your body. Perhaps you’ve experienced more profound changes in your life, relationships, and worldview. But because these changes often take place over time, as part of a subtle and organic process, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about yoga that helps you to live a better life.

ParaYoga founder and Tantra scholar Rod Stryker says that to truly understand why yoga is so transformative, you first have to understand the concept of transformation. The idea that yoga changes you into someone better than the person you were before is something of a misconception, Stryker says. It is more accurate to say that yoga helps you remove the obstacles that obscure who you really are, that it helps you come into a fuller expression of your true nature. “We’re not transforming into something we aspire to,” he says. “We’re transforming into the very thing that we are innately: our best Self.”

One way yoga encourages transformation is by helping you to shift patterns you’ve developed over time, patterns that may be unhealthy, Stryker says. When you put your body into a pose that is foreign and you stick with it, you learn how to take a new shape. Taking this new shape with the body can lead you to learn how to take a new shape with the mind. “If practiced correctly, yoga asana breaks down the psychological, emotional, physical, energetic, and psychic obstacles that inhibit us from thriving,” Stryker says.”

Please click here to get the whole article: Miraculous Practice: How Yoga Transforms Lives

Breathing Balance thanks Karen Macklin;  a writer, editor, and yoga teacher living in San Francisco.


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