Guidelines for Yoga Practice

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When starting any new activity, its wise to follow some simple guidelines. There’s a time to practice, a place to practice & a way to practice.¬†Practice regularly, even if it’s only a few minutes every day.

“Try to practice yoga every day. Set aside a time when you will not be disturbed and you will not have to rush. It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Wait at least two to three hours after a large meal, and one to two hours after a lighter one or a snack before beginning.

Practice regularly, even if it’s only a few minutes every day. If done every day or nearly every day, even 10 to 15 minutes will help build concentration, increase flexibility and strengthen willpower, making it easier to practice the next day. Consistency is key. If possible, establish a regular time of day to set aside for practice. Morning or evening practice is advised.”

For further information, check out Edith Howell’s site –¬†

Thank you to Edith Howell for her work!


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