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One of the fun by-products of researching for the Breathing Balance Yoga Center is coming across personal testimonies of what Yoga has done for a wide array of real people. We get to interact with the highly trained and professional Yoga instructors all the time, yet some of the most impact comes from hearing from the students, learners and regular folks. “What Yoga has done for me!”, if you will.  Here is one Yoga instructor that has complied quite a list of stories to share. Thank you to Kimberly S. from Opelika, AL!

Inspiration from the frontlines: Testimonials of Transformation

A note from Kimberly:

I realize that the Success Stories section is a bit long, but please take a few moments to read through these inspiring accounts of transformation.

You will find some shining examples of the many happy by-products that result from practicing yoga in an authentic way.

These stories of success are a result of the student’s willingness to dig in and make every action align with their deepest desire to be happy, healthy, and loving individuals.

I have been graced with the opportunity to be of service to so many beautiful lives. I offer much gratitude to those who were willing to open themselves and share their stories. May their words of inspiration touch you as deeply as they have touched me?

Samantha S.

…rather than focus on what I want to lose, I focus on what I want to gain: a more balanced and healthy life.

Samantha Shipman - Inner Sunshine Yoga has changed my life

I always thought I hated exercise until I started taking classes at Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness. The teachers encourage me to focus on the present and accept myself as I am at that moment, this has made made such an enormous difference in my everyday life.

In the past, the only way I could force myself to run or go to a gym was to focus heavily on my outward appearance or the number on the scale in order to stay motivated. That ended up being extremely damaging to my emotional self-worth.

Yes, it is good to have goals, but if your goal is to lose weight in order to feel good about yourself, where does it end? And what happens if you don’t lose weight or if you gain it back, a perpetual cycle of self-loathing? Instead, I opted not to exercise or count calories and just to accept myself as I was.

Click here to get the rest of Samantha’s story and a number of others as well. You will be coming back here to see more, I just know!


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